Renewable or regenerative energy ("Green energy") is the energy from sources which are considered as the inexhaustible according to human scales.

The basic principle of use of similar energy consists in its extraction from processes constantly occurring in environment for technical application.

Renewable energy is received from such natural resources as a sunlight, a wind, a rain, inflow and geothermal warmth which are renewable (i.e. replenish with a natural way).

German Management & Consultancy LLP works in this direction since 2008.
In 2012 our experience allowed us to act as the official consultant of the Ministry of the industry and new technologies when developing offers on a sustainable development of power industry, in particular, development of measures of the state support of development of renewables as an alternative autonomous source of power supply of potential consumers.
After the transfer of function of authorized body in the sphere of renewables from the Ministry of the industry and new technologies to the Ministry of environment and water resources, we continued our cooperation.
Our company participated in development of drafts of resolutions for the government of RK within the Law "About Support of Use of Renewables", including:

  1.  rules of definition of the fixed tariffs;
  2.  rules of definition of a tariff for support of renewables;
  3.  standard contracts of purchase/sale of electric energy with settlement financial center;
  4.  rules of purchase/sale of electric energy settlement financial center;
  5.  rules of monitoring.

All work on projects was carried out only in coordination with authorized government bodies and associations of businessmen.

Today German Management & Consultancy LLP is the active member of Association of Renewable power industry of Kazakhstan (

The long experience and high professionalism in traditional and renewable power allows us to carry out a full amount of works on maintenance of design, construction and operation of sources of renewable energy.