Our company provides complex services in various sectors of economy. Clients of the company are presented in

the following industrial fields:

  1.  Subsurface use (gold, rubble, limestone, clay, coal, etc.);
  2.  Fuel and energy complex enterprises (realization, storage and production of oil products);
  3.  Power supply and water supply (production, transfer, distribution and sale of thermal and electric energy and water);
  4.  The government bodies which are carrying out regulation in the field of power and subsurface use sphere;
  5.  Transport logistics (automobile and rail transportation, forwarding activity);
  6.  Production of construction materials (brick, cement, concrete, wall materials);
  7.  Construction;
  8.  Exhibition activity;
  9.  Production of foodstuff;
  10.  Agriculture;
  11.  Trade activity and export-import transactions;
  12.  Financial sector.

Keeping of employees who earlier provided consulting services in the staff of the company and involvement of highly specialized top managers allowed our company to provide services in management of the enterprises professionally.

Today the clients of the company who are needed in management services also represent various sectors of economy.