Optimization of the business

The example of successful experiences of LLP « German Management & Consultancy » is the work on the reorganization

of one of the largest participants of the fuel market in the country and a major supplier of diesel fuel for the locomotive fleet of JSC" NC "Kazakhstan Temir Joly" - LLP "Mercury Service Company."

In this work, under the legal support of LLP « German Management & Consultancy », assets of companies" Mercury Service Company "have been merged into a single company - JSC" Energy "Kazakhstan". Experts LLP « German Management & Consultancy » performed a whole complex of works on the organization of the reorganization process, which included an analysis of the legal risks associated with the reorganization, including the restructuring of the ownership of assets and contracts. Taxation issues, antitrust laws were disclosed and performed all the necessary approvals in the public authorities .

In addition to the legal aspects of the reorganization, LLP « German Management & Consultancy » prepared a set of recommendations to improve the accounting and management of the combined company - creating a single accounting framework, with separate accounting for the type of service and product, for reconciliation with the tax authorities, personal accounts closure.

  •  The financial risks were analyzed, prepared and provided recommendations to address them
  •  a list of measures aimed at improving the efficiency of financial and economic activities and improving of financial discipline branches
  •  calculated the level of tariffs for services in relation to the desired level of profitability.

Preparing and submitting recommendations to the company's business restructuring mechanism, subject to tax, labor and antitrust law. Recommendations of LLP « German Management & Consultancy » substantially improved all industrial and economic indicators of LLP" TEK "Kazakhstan" and eliminate existing risks.