End of the world will not, or one and a half billion investment

LLP "Karaganda Zharyk" soon move to a new, modern level of electricity supply Karaganda. The first step in this direction will be made May 1, 2008, when the company will start the five-year medium-term rate, which will allow power companies to carry out the implementation of the investment program of electrical networks.


The cost of one kilowatt-hour of electricity will increase for individuals to fifteen per cent to 3.82 tenge (KZT instead of 3.32). That is, rise will be only fifty tiyn. The tariff increase is definitely not fall on the shoulders of Karaganda intolerable burden. And from the perspective of Power, such "trifles" as fifty tiyn will soon solve serious problems.

In the beginning of the problems. Every year Karaganda becoming more industrial, mining capital grows and the number of inhabitants. That is why in the region has increased the load on the electrical network. Moreover, their deterioration has reached the critical parameters and about 65-70 per cent. The deficit financing does not allow quality repair equipment. And one of the most significant issues in this case - brain drain due to low wages, because energy LLP "Karaganda Zharyk" are minuscule - at 32,000 tenge, while the average salary in the region of at least 55 thousand tenge.

In order to "broaden" extremely bottlenecks Karaganda elektroeneretiki, shareholder LLP "Karaganda Zharyk" with the management company - LLC "Legal Company" German "- developed and approved in the authorized bodies of the investment program of electric networks by 2012.

- The investment program is estimated at two billion tenge - said at a news conference on Monday the general director of "Karaganda Zharyk" Galymzhan Nurakhmetov. - Here we go for a reasonable compromise: the company planned to raise eight billion tenge, but, realizing that such investments would be significantly affected the growth rate, we still went to the reduction of the investment program, leaving the solution of the most crisis moments - reconstruction of distribution networks energy saving program and a number of objectives ...

This year, the LP "Karaganda Zharyk" intends to build two high-voltage lines. The first - "TPP-3 - substation Zharyk" length of thirty miles and dimensions of 220 kilovolts. The second - "Jarykh - New City" at twelve kilometers long and dimensions 110 kilovolts. Having built two high-voltage lines to the heating season, the company will address the acute problem of Karaganda - unload impossibly strained power miner's capital.

- We understand that to lay the brunt of the costs on to consumers - it's unreal, - said General Director of "Karaganda Zharyk" Galymzhan Nurakhmetov, referring to the topic of investments in the renewal program in Karaganda power. - There are several sources of funding are needed. We will do shareholding company "Karaganda Zharyk", the company will release its shares in free circulation. Investment is possible also through the increase of the authorized capital. There is another way: direct budget investments. Today, the state can not enter into a private company and the budget to pour into the investment program directly. But, when we make sale of shares of a company, this way will become possible. That's when the state will be able to allocate funds for the reconstruction of the production will be able to give us the reconstructed network, and in return be able to get some of the shares, and thus become a part owner of the company. In this case we are talking about the publicity of our company, that the company's shares will be freely tradable on the stock market. Any individual or, say, pension funds in the future will be able to acquire shares in the company. To date, registered bond program by 700 million as a category "B". However, we plan to enter into the listing of "A", as it is - more cheap money. And in order to attract more cheap money, the financial condition of the company must comply with the requirements of listing. Therefore, the new tariff, which was approved by the authorized body will enable us to meet these requirements.

For these things should be added that the investment program of LLP "Karaganda Zharyk" allow from May 1 this year, the energy sector to increase the salary to 42 thousand tenge.

- In the Karaganda power there is a great brain drain - commented a member of the independent advisory council, the oldest power engineer Karaganda Ignatievich Vladimir Litvinov. - To educate a highly qualified professional in this industry, you need to spend at least five to six years. And the tariff for electricity, which is now approved Antimonopolschiki, will help to keep people. We are familiar with the investment program. The program is good. When it is completed, we will get a stable energy system Karaganda.

№ 15 (380) from 21.04.2008

Vyacheslav Cohanim, Karaganda

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newspaper "Megapolis" - from the "April 21, 2008."