Tariffs for “Green” energy were adobted in Kazakhstan

Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan has approved feed-in tariffs for electricity produced from renewable energy sources on 27th of May 2014.

25Tariff for electricity produced by wind power plants amounted to 22.68 tenge per 1 kWh excluding VAT (about 12.5 U.S. cents).

Tariff for PV power plants amounted to 34.61 tenge per 1 kWh excluding VAT (about 19 U.S. cents)

Tariff for small hydro power plants (with capacity up to 35 MW) was 16.71 tenge per 1 kWh excluding VAT (about 9 U.S. cents).

Tariff for biogas plants was 32.23 tenge per 1 kWh excluding VAT (about 18 U.S. cents) .

In accordance with the adopted decision, LLP "Settlement and financial center to support renewable energy sources" (subsidiary of JSC "KEGOK") will be obliged to buy electricity produced by "green" power plants on the approved feed-in tariffs.

Source: Association of Renewable Energy of Kazakhstan