Shunfeng Group

On May 30, 2014, our company became the official representative of the group of companies Shunfeng Group ( on the construction of solar power plants in Kazakhstan. The estimated total nominal power of plants is about 600-700 MW.


Kazakhstan - a summary.

Kazakhstan is located in Central Asia in the heart of the Eurasian continent and the land area (over 2.7 million square meters. Km.) Is the ninth largest in the world.

Kazakhstan has a population of more than 100 ethnic groups totaling more than 14.8 million people.


Let there be light! Or not?

Power industry in Kazakhstan is on the verge of crisis. If you do not take immediate action to restructure the industry, then in the near future Kazakhstan will again be forced to buy candles and lanterns, as it was in heavy 90s. In order to avoid power shortages, and, according to some experts, it can start as early as next year, the industry until 2015 to invest about 2.8 trillion tenge. Now the growth of energy consumption in the country is 5.6% per year. At the same time each year with the growth of consumption and the growing deterioration of the regional electric grid equipment networks. Today it is over 65%.


End of the world will not, or one and a half billion investment

LLP "Karaganda Zharyk" soon move to a new, modern level of electricity supply Karaganda. The first step in this direction will be made May 1, 2008, when the company will start the five-year medium-term rate, which will allow power companies to carry out the implementation of the investment program of electrical networks.


Experts call corruption as one of the problems

Experts call corruption as a problem for the development of the legal services market in Kazakhstan.

Describing the overall legal market of the country, experts say that he now fully formed, having acquired and developed sufficiently branched structure.


When RECs will flow back

Herman Nurbaev offers unprecedented thing - to unite all gorvodokanaly in a single company? Otherwise, I'm sure well-known Kazakh lawyer and manager, very soon in our country there acute water crisis. And in general, in his opinion, inadequate infrastructure is a major obstacle in the way of Kazakhstan one of the 50 most developed countries of the world.


Investment tax preferences and businesses

Investment tax preferences and water utilities and sanitation.

 Our company has made an offer to LLP "Water-Marketing" (hereinafter Shymkent water utility), an organization of the water management system in Kazakhstan, legal support of the project, in which the planned filing in the Investment Committee of the Ministry of Industry and Trade (hereinafter referred to as the authorized body) to earn investment tax preferences.


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