Subjects of natural monopolies and regulated markets

Along with the successful projects natural monopoly, LLP « German Management & Consultancy » has the experience to effectively represent the interests of the state in the implementation of state policy in the power engineering and use of mineral resources.

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Renewable sources of energy

Renewable or regenerative energy ("Green energy") is the energy from sources which are considered as the inexhaustible according to human scales. The basic principle of use of similar energy consists in its extraction from processes constantly occurring in

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The section about company

1354774157 777LLP «German Management & Consultancy »was founded in 2002 on the basis of the law firm" German ", acting on the legal services market in 1995. Location of the company is in Almaty. The company has representations in Astana and in the East Kazakhstan region.

Main areas of the LLP «German Management & Consultancy » are:

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