Subjects of natural monopolies and regulated markets

Along with the successful projects natural monopoly, LLP « German Management & Consultancy » has the experience to effectively represent the interests of the state in the implementation of state policy in the power engineering and use of mineral resources.

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Renewable sources of energy

Renewable or regenerative energy ("Green energy") is the energy from sources which are considered as the inexhaustible according to human scales. The basic principle of use of similar energy consists in its extraction from processes constantly occurring in

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LLP «German Management & Consultancy»

LLP «German Management & Consultancy» Company provides full range of services. The priority direction is a field of electric power industry, including renewables. The company has exclusive practices and wide practical experience of activity in the market. From the moment of creation we offer high-quality services and effective business solutions, thanks to our main principles:

  •  Professionalism
  •  Objective and comprehensive in-depth analysis of problems
  •  Integrity
  •  Responsibility for actions and decisions
  •  Privacy and close cooperation with customers based on trust


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